full_tiltON ventures is a private equity firm investing in a specific niche in the newly-legal cannabis industry

the opportunity

cannabis has been in use for years... state-by-state legalization is creating an incredible, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for investors

rare circumstances

investment opportunities are often the result of technological change -- with inherent risks of uncertainty and unknown pace of consumer adoption. This is the legalization of a product which is already in use

growth potential

if legal cannabis ends up with a profile in the average consumer's basket commensurate with illegal cannabis, a multi-billion dollar consumer market will exist

secondary market

early investors are making placements directly into Cannabis Touching Entities. full_tiltON specializes in a specific Interactive Experience niche, which provides some insulation from the risks of CTE investments

linear growth

revenue from cannabis-direct and -indirect ventures is experiencing growth at a pace resembling the dollar growth in tech industry products and services

non-linear growth

due to successful Adult Use (recreational) cannabis initiatives in November's elections, fully one quarter of the nation (by population) now have fully legal cannabis for adults, triple the number from 2016

secret sauce

the full_tiltON ventures team includes principals, directors, and advisors with a unique vision on how to unlock value from this opportunity

about us

the brainchild of Roger Tilton, full_tiltON ventures is a team of principals and advisors with a unique viewpoint, where technology intersects with cannabis.

full_tiltON launches spring 2017

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